Social Responsibility

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Throughout our history, the British American Business Council Orange County has been committed to giving back to the community with many of our events raising funds for charities, often with a focus on the needs of local children. Social Responsibility is a priority to our organization, and we support this initiative through our Scholarship Fund, the ACS British Summer Studies Program and the individual charitable efforts of our members.

The BABC-OC Scholarship Program

The BABC-OC has teamed up with ACS International Schools to send students to the British Studies Summer Program offered at their campus in Cobham, near London, England (see below). Scholarships are awarded to the best contributors in essay contests conducted at high schools throughout Orange County amongst 16-17 year old students Winners receive an all-expenses paid trip to England for the two week program. This is a life altering experience for students yet to travel overseas and experience the cultural delights of Great Britain, a country steeped in history and tradition.

Your support is critical if we are to continue our participation in this very successful program. We seek corporate and community sponsorship, as well as individual donations. Also many of our events focus on fundraising for the Scholarship Program. Financial contributions fund airfare, room/board and the cultural day trips that make up the curriculum.

ACS British Summer Studies

The ACS British Studies Summer Program was created to explore the enduring impact of British culture. Established in 1996, the program is committed to the ideal of creative, multi- disciplined education. The close interaction of students, teachers and locations furthers this approach and generates an enthusiastic forum for collaborative learning.

In addition to being an excellent supplement for High School courses in European history, English literature, art and theater – and covering other topics as well – the program is great fun. Through the immediacy of on-site experiences, students are encouraged to explore, comprehend, and more importantly to connect seemingly disparate monuments, art and events from British history. Making sense of the past brings history to life, turning learning into a voyage of discovery and laying the foundation for a lifelong understanding and appreciation of the lasting impact of British culture.